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iRidium licenses can be bought and activated only with the help of the iRidium Cloud
The service is available only for integrators registered on the iRidium mobile web site.
Licenses are stored in iRidium Cloud from where they are uploaded into the i3 pro application on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac.

Non-commercial Use

Register on the iRidium mobile web site to use iRidium in the test mode, for training purposes and for setting up iRidium before buying licenses:

The test mode turns on automatically when you authorize in i3 pro (and in server) and when you download project from Transfer it provides:

  • free use of the i3 pro application
    • 5 minutes of i3 pro continuous work on control panels of integrators with the "Bronze" status
    • 20 minutes of i3 pro continuous work + the "Developer's panel" mode for 2 panels - for the companies with the "Silver" status or higher

every 5 (or 20) minutes i3 pro has to be relaunched
the "Developer's panel" option disables the time limit on continuous work for 2 panels
the number of concurrently used control panels is up to 25 per account(for integrator) and up to 2 per account(for DIY)

  • free use of iRidium Server
  • 7 days of iRidium Server continuous work

the "Test Mode" option can be enabled in the server settings. It can be activated on 2 servers at a time. Every 7 days the server will delete the database and the configuration project. At each project update the 7-days countdown starts again

Use the Trial Mode to test the projects on end-users' devices from iRidium Cloud. It allows you to invite end-users to test projects for 60 days. You cannot prolong the trial period, but it is available for any new object in the cloud. After the trial period is over the client decides if he wants to buy an iRidium license.

The "Silver" dealer status gives you a possibility to provide iRidium for your client in the trial mode.

We provide assistance and special conditions to educational establishments and integrators who present iRidium at exhibitions. Contact us to learn more

Rules for testing projects and transferring the project to the user

For the convenience of testing projects, each integrator and DIY user, if a certain number of panels for testing. When authorizing in the control panel under your account, the panel is registered in the cloud as a test. Each integrator has 25 test panels. Each DIY user has 2 test panels. When the free test panels are finished, then when you try to authorize on another panel, the integrator will see the error message:

End of panels2.JPG

Caution. Do not give the end user the control panel authorized under your account. Each end user must be registered in our platform and authorized under the his account.
A DIY user is considered an integrator, with a limited number of test panels. If such a user made a project and bought a commercial license for it, then he must register himself and the other users of the project as end users and invite them to use the project.

Commercial Use

iRidium commercial use is available for users with different registration status. Commercial use means use of iRidium licenses.

iRidium licenses work without limitations in time and have a set of supported functions which defines the license price.

To use a license, create an object in iRidium Cloud (the My projects section). Licenses are purchased for particular objects and enable their continuous work.

License Selection

The license price is defined with the help of the Calculator on the web site and depends on the following parameters:

1 Object configuration: with the server or without it.

You do not have to use iRidium Server but it is required for building graphs, for transferring data between different systems and for connection of many control panels to equipment. Depending on your requirements, select if you want to use Visualization only, Server only or both (Visualization + Server).

2 The license type. There are 5 license types for each configuration of object (with or without server)

More about Visualization + Server


  • 1 control panel
  • 50 server tags


  • 5 control panels
  • 250 server tags


  • 10 control panels
  • 1000 server tags


  • 25 control panels
  • 2500 server tags


  • no limit for the number of control panels, not more than 10 visualization projects
  • 65000 server tags, not more than 10 server projects

1. N of control panels - tablets, smart phones and PCs where you can upload the visualization project with the purchased license 2. N of server tags - tags processed on iRidium Server.Tags are feedback channels of all drivers added in the server project and internal server variables. Installations can work without the server - you do not need tags then. When working via the server, the number of tags can be very approximately calculated on the basis 1 sq.m. object area = 1 server tag

More about Visualization only


  • 1 control panel


  • 5 control panels


  • 10 control panel


  • 25 control panels


  • without limit for the number of control panels but not more than 10 visualization projects

N of control panels - the number of tablets, smart phones and PCs on which you can upload the visualization project with the purchased license

More about Server only

Starter (free)

  • 50 server tags


  • 250 server tags


  • 1000 server tags


  • 2500 server tags

Enterprise+ (includes all drivers)

  • 65000 server tags, not more than 10 server projects

N of server tags - the number of tags processed on iRidium Server.
Tags are feedback channels of all drivers added in the server project and the internal server variables. Installations can work without the server, then you do not need tags. When working via the server, the number of tags can be very approximately calculated on the basis: 1 sq.m. of object area = 1 server tag

3 Сontrolled automation systems in a project.

Select the drivers you want to control. If you want to develop drivers yourselves or use ready JS modules, select "AV & Custom systems"

4 Additional functions

Tick the additional functions you plan to use: IP cameras, SIP Telephony, project upload via QR codes.


The license price and functions:

  1. There are several licenses which include the fixed number of control panels and server tags. The set of drivers and addons is selected by you
  2. It is not required to link the license to your automation object right after the purchase. You can buy a license by invoice and use it when it is needed selecting the license from the list of purchased keys
  3. You upload the same license in the i3 pro application and in iRidium Server from iRidium Cloud. You do not need a separate license for the server
  4. If you need to substitute your server, authorize on the new server and download your project on it. The license will work the same way as it did on your previous server. You do not have to deactivate the previous server for that.
  5. You can add new functions to the purchased license via object settings: My projects > Licenses
  6. The number of server tags is calculated as the sum of tags in all *.sirpz projects uploaded in the cloud. It can be increased only by switching to another license type
  7. You can calculate the number of server tags for your project on the basis of the technical task (the feedback data you want to see on control panels). Also the number of server tags can be very approximately calculated on the basis of 1 sq.m. of automation object area = 1 server tag

Authorization and signing out:

  1. The integrator authorizes using his login and password from the iRidium mobile web site
  2. The invited end-user uses the e-mail address on which the invitation was sent as a login
  3. If the end-user exceeded the limit of connected control panels, he can authorize on the control device but will not be able to upload the project
  4. To clear space in the list of control panels which is limited by the license type, sign out in i3 pro
  5. Signing out is available in the i3 pro menu - swipe to the right on your tablet/smart phone screen to open the menu (click F7 on Windows). Go to the Setting tab and click Logout
  6. You can sign out the lost or broken device in the cloud via the section My projects > Users & Panels
  7. IMPORTANT: do not authorize on somebody's devices with your login and password as all projects in iRidium Cloud will become available there

Differentiation of user rights:

  1. The owner of the object in the cloud can invite users
  2. You can invite users only if you have a license or trial period (60 days)
  3. If you opened access to the project to the user and indicated the "User" status, your other objects and projects will not be available for him
  4. The user with the "Admin" status has access to all projects of the object where he is invited
  5. The owner of the account can see projects from any object in the cloud which he created
  6. If the user's e-mail address is indicated in several objects, the user will have access to all projects opened for him

Switch from V2 to V3:

  1. If you have an iRidium V2 license which was activated you cannot switch it a new iRidium V3. license. You have to buy a new license
  2. If your iRidium V2 license was not activated, you can change it to the coupont for purchase of an iRidium V3 license. In order to do that, contact iRidium team by e-mail
  3. Visualization projects can be used in iRidium V3 after converting them in iRidium Studio
  4. To use Emulator in iRidium Studio in the fully functional mode, authorize in it using the login and password from the iRidium mobile web site

Purchase and Activation

You can purchase a license online and assign it to the automation object right away or later.

Before purchasing the license work with iRidium is performed locally - the projects are uploaded on control panels with the help of iRidium Transfer. At that the Test mode of i3 pro is activated automatically.

iRidium Transfer does not work with use of commercial licenses. You need to upload projects in iRidium Cloud. The cloud stores the projects you want to provide for users of automation systems.

Authorize on the iRidium mobile web site to start work with iRidium Cloud. Go to the My account section, the My projects tab.

1 Create a folder and an object.

You can systemize projects of different end-users with the help of folders and objects:
  • A folder holds several automation objects by some common feature (for example, the same end-user)
  • An object holds projects, users and the license used on one automation object (for example, a house or an office).
    You cannot add projects and accounts of diffferent end-users in one object.
    License selection and invitation of end-users to an automation object are available via your My account section in the cloud.


2 Upload projects from PC

iRidium projects are files for launching visualization in the i3 pro application (*.irpz) and if there are any, projects for iRidium Server (*.sirpz). Projects are created by integrators of automation systems and uploads them in the cloud when they are completed.
If there is a license (see how to add it in the object below), visualization projects can be uploaded on the end-user's control panels.

Keep in mind that the Enterprise+ license has limitations for the number of projects which can be uploaded on the licensed object.

3 Select the suitable license

Please read about above. A license can be bought for one automation object (and one end-user). Go to the "Licenses" tab and select:
  • Create a license - use the built-in license calculator and pay Online
  • Select a license out of the paid ones - select a license out the one bought by invoices or using the calculator on the web site.


When the license is assigned to the object, it cannot be transferred to another object! But you can add functions to it.

You can buy licenses in advance in the Price tab (My account).

If the license is short of some functions, you can update it and pay for the required functions. The license update is performed in object settings:


4 Invite users

The user of iRidium visualization (i3 pro) must authorized in the i3 pro application using his/her email as a login. But the authorization and project upload will not be available to him/her until the integrator invites the user to the automation object.
The invitation can be sent to the user via the "Users & Panels" tab. The user can be invited to on or several projects, then he/she will be able to download them on his/her tablet or smart phone, in the i3 pro application.
You can add a user to an object in two ways (see the form "Invite a user"):
  • "Invite" - to send a request by e-mail. In this case the user confirms creation of an account, chooses his/her password and sets up the account data on the iRidium mobile web site
  • "Create an account" - to fill in the account data of the user and choose a password for him/her. In this case the user receives a notification about account creation which can be appealed against. This variant is good for work with the users who do not have a possibility to assist you with the initial setting up of i3 pro
The user can authorize on 1 or several devices with his/her account. During the authorization iRidium Cloud gives the user the list of available objects and projects in them.
During the project download the panel registers in the cloud, get the license and appears in the list of "Active panels", form where it can be deleted to clear space for another control panel (for example, to substitute the damaged one).

5 Upload projects on control panels and the server

5.1 To download the visualization project (*.irpz) on a smart phone, tablet or PC, the invited user has to authorize in i3 pro on the corresponding device:
  1. The project developer invites users by email
  2. The user follows the link in the invitation email and selects the password for accessing i3 pro
  3. The user authorizes in i3 pro and sees the project to which he is invited.
    If there are several projects, the navigation between them is performed via Projects menu. It can be opened on the tablet or smart phone by the left-to-right swipe on the screen (click F7 on Windows). The menu shows the projects available to the user .
    The user can log out of the account in the Settings tab to clear space for another control panel (deactivate the license) and delete all projects from the panel


5.2 The server receives the license and the project from the cloud but the developer (integrator) NOT the user must authorize on the server using the login and password on the iRidium mobile web site. To download the project (*.sirpz), launch the server, open the web-interface (see the instruction for your server) and activate the server:
  1. Input the login and password of the integrator account where you created the object with the server project
  2. Select the service password to access the server settings. It is 2007 by default.
  3. Then you will see the list of objects and server projects. Select the project which has to work on the server and click on it to download.
  4. The server will download the project and the license and it will be registered in the object. In the server web-interface (the Cloud tab) you can download another project for the server (see Projects) or deactivate the server (see Deactivate Server)


If there are no server projects in the cloud during authorization, you can upload them later in the server web interface, the Cloud tab, the Projects menu.