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URL schemes, OS commands

URL scheme - in is an indicator to the resource which can be activated by iRidium commands. With the help of URL schemes you can start applications, open links in the browser, open mail agents, make calls, send SMS.

There are different URL schemes for different OS. Consider the type of the operating system in which the project will work when you select the commands.

Activation from iRidium

In iRidium you can create a button which open a third-party application or link in the browser. Examples of commands which can be executed in different OS:



  • Execute(http://iridiummobile.net)

Windows files and applications:

  • Execute(c:\Program Files\iRidium.exe)

the screen keyboard (Windows):

  • Execute(osk)

Make a call, write an SMS:

  • Execute(tel:+123456789)
  • Execute(sms:+123456789)

Send an e-mail:

  • Execute(mailto:test@example.com)

Start the app:

  • Execute(videos://)
  • Execute(music://)

iOS 8 and iOS 9 Settings app (there is no solution for iOS 10 yet):

i3 pro settings on iOS 9-10:

  • Execute(app-settings://)


URL schemes for iOS and Android are not identical

some applications cannot be launched as the developer did not provide such possibility!

Activation from JavaScript

Create a JavaScript file in the script editor of iRidium Studio for commands to be executed on clicking the button or activating and event in the system.


You can see more information about working with JavaScript in JS Guide.

Activating iRidium from other applications

URL schemes of starting i3 pro can be activated from the browser or mail agent similarly to hyperlinks to network resources. Use the commands:

  • i3pro://
the command for application activation (open or maximize). Works in the browser of iOS/Android devices with i3 pro. it can be executed as a hyperlink in the browser, mail agent or another application
  • i3pro://script?data1&data2
the command of application activation at the script activation
the data string which will be sent to the script, in the query property. IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_RECIEVE_SCHEME,0,function(query, source) {}); - the listener which has to be created in your iRidium project to receive data from URL schemes


A URL scheme in a third-party application, browser:


The handler of the URL scheme in iRidium:

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_RECIEVE_SCHEME,0,function(query, source) 
   if (query == "Page1")   
      IR.ShowPage("Page 1");