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Tips and Tricks

In this section there are links to examples of using the advanced features of the i3 Pro system

The event log

Displaying the contents of the database for a specified period of time

URL Shemes

Calling third-party applications from the panel project

VPN in i3 Pro

Using a VPN connection in the i3 Pro project

Push notifications

Using Push notifications in the project

IRidium for SIP telephony

Working with SIP telephony in i3 Pro

IP cameras and DVR

Receiving video stream from IP cameras and digital video recorders

Browser in i3 Pro

How to open a standard mobile device browser (iOS, Android) right inside the i3 pro application

Send Push notify via iRidium Cloud

How to send Push notify over cloud without iRidium Server

Autoupdate Project

How to setup autoupdate project from cloud