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iRidium Server UMC

Инсталляция и запуск iRidium Server на аппаратной платформе UMC Technology

the documentation is updated 30.1.2018

iRidium Server UMC - it is a software implementation of iRidium server. It is launched as a daemon or a console application on UMC Technology controllers.

iridiumserver.com СE certified, available in Europe



  • Processor 1GHz CPU FreeScale imx6
  • RAM 512 Mb
  • Non-volatile memory (executable code and data) 1GB + 4GB microSD
  • UMC-C2 model: KNX TP1-256, LAN, USB A
  • Power supply 12...30 VDC
  • Power consumption max 2.5 W

Recommended load:

  • up to 20 control panels
  • 1000 iRidium server tags

iRidium server connects to equipment and sends commands from control panels to it. The control panels connect to the server to control the equipment through it, get feedback, download logs and databases.

The database can store information about server work for the time since the server was launched. The control panels can output logs from the database and build graphs of changes in server variables.