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iRidium Server Web-interface

To activate, setup, debug and upload projects from iRidium Cloud

The web-interface allows you to log in on iRidium Server, to see and change server variables in real time, to check the log and to set up main server properties. Web-interface available via your Internet browser.

It cannot be use to display the user graphic interface. Web-interface is only an integrator's tool.

To open the server web-interface:

  • Follow the link http://<server_host>:8888/
  • Windows: Click on W key in the console of the iRidium Server

The server receives the license and the project from the cloud but the developer (integrator) NOT the user must authorize on the server using the login and password on the iRidium Mobile web site. Launch the server, open the web-interface and activate the server:

  1. Input the login and password of the integrator account where you created the object with the server project
  2. Select the service password to access the server settings. It is 2007 by default.
  3. Then you will see the list of objects and server projects. Select the project which has to work on the server and click on it to download (skip this step if you didn't use iRidium Cloud yet).
  4. n the server web-interface (the Cloud tab) you can download project for the server (see Projects) or deactivate the server (see Deactivate Server). At the server with an active Test Mode you can download projects from iRidium Transfer


See more details in Licensing and Setting up of iRidium Server.