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Let us review the aspects which can help to understand if installation of iRidium Server is necessary:

1. The server unites control panels

If you work with KNX, Domintell and Global Cache equipment, concurrent connection of several panels can become a problem because of the limitations on the equipment side. Control panels can work with equipment directly - it is a simple and effective solution. But it is hardly used when having a big number of panels as it creates a big load on the equipment. Installing the server, you get a protected technology for communication between the server and control panels. The server informs all panels about changes in the equipment. It can also modify outgoing data.

You do not need iRidium Server to create remotes working in real time

2. The server provides the minimum load on equipment

as a consequence of the information above. All control panels connect to the server and it connects to the equipment. Extra commands and requests do not go through the server and do not overload the automation system.

It is not critical for some controllers but the necessity of optimization appears if the number of control panels increases

3. The server launches scenes at any moment

If the iRidium application is closed on the control panel, it cannot perform any actions. The server is essential is you need go launch scenes, schedules and collect records in the database.

Scenes can be implemented on the programmed controller but the controller cannot usually monitor concurrent events in several automation systems.

4. The server enables reliable data exchange with control panels

The client-server protocol works via ТСР. Thus it provides a garantee of data delivery and online check. Equipment working via UDP is less stable in the terms of delivery confirmation. And it does not provide secure data exchange.

5. The server can be used as a programmable controller

It will provide execution of complex scripts to create communication logic for variables of automation equipment.

6. The server can be used as a data gateway

You can transfer data between any automation systems without using a hardware converter. The server gets values from one system and writes them automatically in variables of another system.

If your sytem has

  1. 1-2 control panels
  2. scenes implemented on controllers
  3. stable connection with controllers
  4. no required graphs and log savings
  5. no required data gateway

You can use iRidium without iRidium Server, having all the functions you need.