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The application is availble for installation from the iRidium mobile web site:

Download the i2 Control setup package for OS X, unpack the archive with the program by double-clicking on it and copy the application in the Applications folder.

Synchronization with PC

Fast synchronization of projects with i3 pro is performed via iRidium Transfer. To work with iRidium Transfer, authorize in i3 pro using logs and the integrator password from the iRidium mobile web site.

Use of Transfer is available for the integrator only, as a debugging tool. Use the iRIdium Cloud service to send projects to the end-user

Add Control Panels in Transfer

Transfer Search Tool.png
  1. Start i3 pro on the control panel and iRidium Transfer on your PC
  2. Click the Search panel in Transfer - you will see the network scanning bar running

If Search does not work, read the instructions "Transfer Troubleshooting"

Add Your Project in Transfer

Add the project file (*.irpz) in iRidium Transfer. You can send the project file from iRidium Studio in Transfer by clicking "Send To Panel" on ToolBox

Prepare the Project

A control panel has two red fields:

  • Select the project you want to upload on the control panel
  • Set up its properties if necessary
  • Select the control panel where you want to upload the project
Transfer add.png

Synchronize Transfer and the Panel

Variant 1 Click Reload in Transfer

  • i3 pro is started and opened on the control panel
  • the panel indicator in Transfer - green

Variant 2 Click "Send To Transfer" in Studio

  • i3 pro is started and opened on the control panel
  • Indicate the control panel where you want to upload your project
Transfer send to.png

If the panel is not updated and the panel indicator does not become green, read "Transfer Troubleshooting"

i3 pro menu

Control of the i3 pro application is performed via the menu which can be opened:

  • with the right-to-left swipe from the screen side (OS, Android)
  • by clicking F7 (Windows, Mac)

The following actions are available in the i3 pro menu

  • download projects from iRidium Cloud
  • select the project for launching
  • open the scanner of QR codes for fast project download by the link
  • unauthorize to delete a device from the list of panels (to clear space for a new panel)
  • local upload of projects from iRidium Transfer in the testing mode (for integrators only). The list of uploaded projects will also be displayed in the i3 pro menu.

System Settings

Enter the i3 pro settings:

а. With the help of the command from iRidium Transfer

  • Make sure the i3 pro application is running on the control panel
  • Start iRidium Transfer, select the control panel, right-click on it
  • Select "Show System Menu" - the settings window will open

b. By a long hold on the screen *(it can be deactivated in the i3 pro settings)

  • Start i3 pro on Windows and left-click in any area of the project without active buttons (background, space between buttons)
  • Hold the cursor (or a finger) for 10 seconds
  • Input the password: 2007

All Settings

i3 pro system settings

IOSApp Settings0.png

Settings of the i3 pro application available for editing during project work.
IOSApp Settings1.png

Settings for project update on control panels.

Host - the IP-address of PC from which the update will be performed. It will be written automatically at control panel "Search" in iRidium Transfer

Port - the ТСР port for project update. It is not reccomended to change it! If you need to change Update Port, also change it in the Transfer settings.

Enable - to activate\deactivate the possibility of project update on the control panel.

Update Now - to start project update from the indicated Host:Port

IOSApp Settings2.png

Password 1 - Password 4 - the passwords for accessing protected project pages. They can be changed for the project version uploaded on the device. When using passwords it is recommended to deactivate the possibility of entering the menu "on hold" in the Info (Enable System Menu > Off) tab. The passwords are set up in iRidium Studio
IOSApp Settings3.png

Disable NPot texture - it deactivates support of textures which are not 2-fold. On the outdated video cards it improves graphics performance by increasing the required memory of the 3D accelerator.

Render (Windows) - it allows you to select the system of image formatting. It is recommended to change it if your video card does not support one of the render types or iRidium does not close correctly (stays in the Windows task bar)

  • OGL - OpenGL supported by the most part of PCs
  • DX9, DX10, DX11 - the DirectX family of modern rendering systems (it requires installation of Microsoft DirectX)
IOSApp Settings4.png

Scale Type - the type of project scaling (if the resolution is different from the screen resolution)
  • None - not to scale (display with actual resolution)
  • Proportional - to scale with proportions of the original project
  • Full Size - to scale to the screen resolution without keeping proportions of the original project

Brightness - control of the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch screen brightness

IOSApp Settings5.png

The drivers in the project. You can change settings of connection to equipment for the drivers in the list.
IOSApp Settings6.png

there are no properties in this section at the moment
IOSApp Settings7.png

Volume - volume of sounds in the application

Mute - to turn sounds in the application on/off

IOSApp Settings8.png

Remote Debugging - it sends the i3 pro log to the remote PC with the installed Syslog server. You need to set up the server address and logging depth.

Show FPS - to show the speed of interface update (frames per second)

Show License Message - to show/hide the message about working without a license.

Enable System Menu - to turn on/off the possibility of activating the i3 pro settings on holding in the application window.

Version... - i3 pro version

HWID... - the identifier of the Windows panel. It is used at licensing


Logging is a tool required in the process of debugging iRidium projects. In particular, it is important if you use JavaScript in your project.
i3 pro for iOS, Android and Mac (unlike for Windows) does not allow you to see the system log directly in the application. That is why Remote debugging is used:

Remote debugging

The i3 pro log can be sent to a remote PC. The sending of the log is performed with the help of special programs for registration of the system log which are called Syslog Server. Example of such program: www.winsyslog.com.

[Install] and set up the server:

1. indicate the UDP-port for launching the service: 514, the same as in the i3 pro system settings
2. start Syslog Server

Set up i3 pro for connection to Syslog Server:

1. Indicate the logging depth for iRidium systems and subsystems in iRidium Studio. The setting up is performed in the Properties tab. The logging depth: from EMERGENCY (errors only) to DEBUG (full information)
2. Indicate the logging depth for each driver added in the project
3. Activate the Remote Debugging option in the properties of the panel project, indicate Host - the IP-address of the PC with running Syslog Server. Leave the default logging port (514).
4. Remote debugging of i3 pro can be set up not only in the project on PC but also via the i3 pro system menu. Open the menu with the command "Show System Menu" by right-clicking on the panel in iRidium Transfer. In the Info tab tick "Remote Debugging" and indicate Host - the IP-address of the PC with running Syslog Server
IOSApp Settings8.png

Fixing Problems

There is a number of typical problems which can lead to the disfunction of the panel search in iRidium Transfer or disable project uploading on control panels. Even when your application is set up correctly you can face the situation when you need to check some settings of PC, network and safety.

All problems described in this article can occur in practical work. Please check their solutions here before contacting iRidium Support Team!

How to understand that there is a problem ?

Normal uploading:

  1. Panel indicator in Transfer - green
  2. The project and license file are selected (the license file is not necessary but equipment cannot be controlled without it)
  3. You can see the "Downloading" bar in Transfer
  4. There is the "Updating has finished" string in the Transfer log
  5. You see your updated project after the process is finished

Panel indication in Transfer

The indicator in Transfer displays the i3 pro state. To update the project the indicator has to be green (On) and i3 pro has to be started and opened:

Transfer update.png
Transfer RedLamp.png i3 pro is not connected to Transfer (start, open the app, check Wi-Fi)
Transfer YellowLamp.png i3 pro is connected to Transfer, but the update is not allowed in the i3 pro settings (Update)
Transfer GreenLamp.png i3 pro is connected to Transfer, the upload will start when clicking the Reload button

Fixing problems

Please perform all actions below one by one. They will help you to find and fix the problem:

* Yellow icon in Transfer

If you see the yellow icon On of i3 pro panel in Transfer it means that the ability of update has been trned Off in i3 pro settings. To turn it On again:

  • press on panel in Transfer by the right mouse button, select "Show system menu"
  • now you see the System setting in i3 pro . Select the "Update" tab
  • set the tick Enable and press "Save & Exit"
  • press the button in Transfer. Now the project updated!

1 Correspondence of versions

iRidium versions on PC and your control panel have to correspond:

  • with iRidium V1.5 you need to use the iRidiumHD application
  • with iRidium V2.1 you need to use the i2 Control application
  • with iRidium V2.2 you need to use the i2 Control V2.2 application
  • with iRidium V3.x you need to use the i3 pro application

The OS version of control panels mast be supported. For V3.x (i3 pro) you have to use:

  • Apple iOS 8 and later - iPad, iPhone
  • Windows 7/8/10 - PCs, mono-blocks, tablet computers. Embedded versions and OS Emulators are not supported!
  • Android 4.4 and later - smartphones and tablet computers. It is required to have a possibility to write data in the device internal memory (at least 50Mb) an at least one network interface (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 2g/3g/4g)

2 Home or office Wi-Fi network

Make sure the Wi-Fi network is not "Public", as Search and Upload will not work in this mode.

Check NetworkType.png

3 Transfer Network Connections

Only ONE network connection should be selected in the Transfer settings:

Check Connections.png

Confirm the changes and restart Transfer.

4 Windows brandmauer

Turn off the Windows brandmauer. It is the most common reason of problems with project upload.

The brandmauer does not show messages about blocking Transfer. The problem can appear after you reinstall Transfer, restart your PC or change your Wi-Fi network even if there were no problems before.

Check Antivir PO.png

Start > Control Panel > Windows Brandmauer >Turn Windows Brandmauer On or Off > Turn Brandmauer Off.

If it helped add iRidium Transfer in the list of exceptions of the brandmauer (or temporarily turn it off).

5 Anti-virus software

Turn off any anti-virus software (for example, AVAST, ESET, Kaspersky, Dr.WEB, Microsoft, Panda, Agnitum, etc.) temporarily. If you are sure that you will do it correctly just add iRidium Transfer in the list of exceptions of your anti-virus software. Restart Transfer.

6 Connection between devices

The project might not upload on the control panel because of incorrect settings of the IP-network.

For example, on one of the devices Wi-Fi can be off or the devices might be in different IP-subnetworks. To check it, pingthe control panel with the PC where Transfer is running:

Start > Run > cmd > ping <IP of the panel> >>> ping

Check network settings on all devices - their addresses should belong to one network and subnetwork:

Check Ping.png

If there are problems with network connection please contact your local network administrator.

7 Third-party software (torrent-tracker)

The Transfer application uses ТСР port 10000 and UDP ports 10001, 10002 for searching panels and uploading projects. Some applications, for example uTorrent, also use these ports and thus block the work of Transfer.

If the port of project uploading (10000) is busy, you will see the message in Transfer. Do not ignore it. Turn off the third-party applications which show network activity and restart Transfer.

8 Selecting projects in Transfer

Make sure you added your project and license in Transfer, and not only upload the standard interface (default screen saver) which is stored in Transfer by default.

Check Project.png

When making any changes in your project you need to update the project in Transfer for these changes to be uploaded on the control panel.

9 Correct Wi-Fi settings on all devices
Add StaticIP correctly.png

If you use the static address of the PC and panel, make sure all required fields of connection settings are filled in (especially the router address). Otherwise, you will have ping but Search will not work.

- The device IP-address should be unique in one IP subnetwork

- The router have to be indicated and it should be done correctly. Otherwise, the client will not be able to connect to Transfer for project uploading.

- DNS should be indicated. Generally it is the same as Default Gateway

If you use DHCP click "Renew Lease"

10 HTC, Samsung note 3 (Android OS)

Due to security settings on Samsung note 3 tablets and due to problems with firmware on some HTC smartphones (HTC Sensation, HTC Incredible S) the panel search function and update from Transfer do not work.

In the case of such problem you should update your project through i3 pro system settings. See more information about it in “What to do if you couldn’t fix the problem”.

What to do if you couldn’t fix the problem

Use these instructions if you need to solve the problems urgently. In other cases please contact iRidium Support Team to find out the reasons of problems with panel search or project upload as this method does not always help.

You can initiate project upload manually. The indicator of the panel in Transfer will be red but in some cases the project upload becomes possible.

  1. Start i3 pro on the control panel.
  2. Hold a finger on any area of the application without active items (for example, in the left upper corner) for 10 seconds.
  3. You will see the password request. Enter 2007 and click ОК
  4. Open the "Update" tab, activate the update - Update: ON
  5. In the "Host" property indicate the IP-address of the computer where Transfer is running.
  6. Click "Update Now"
  7. In the Transfer log (if Search didn’t work) you will see the message "Authorization is false" (the device is not in the list). The device HWID will be shown in the line before the message:
    Find UDID.png
  8. Copy the HWID and add it in the list of panels
    Add UDID.png
  9. Close i3 pro. The application should NOT be in the background
  10. Select the project and license and restart i3 pro. The upload of the project on the panel will start.

If Search didn’t work, it will not work but you will be able to upload your projects by restarting the application on the panel.

Please go through all the above mentioned solutions one more time. If it didn't work, contact iRidium Support Team.