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iRidium is software to help you to create a remote control of your automation system and audio-video equipment in your home, office, hotel. iRidium controls all equipment included in the automation system. Usually iRidium is used by designers of automation systems as to create the remote control you need to know the system architecture.

Control of equipment

All instructions to control equipment with the help of iRidium visualization:


An additional services:

Tools for driver developing:

Interface creation

iRidum Studio is a program for creating iRidium visualization. In iRidium Studio you can set up the graphic interface of your application, control of automation equipment with the help of this interface, scenes and logic of interface work.


Editor interface, windows, settings, tabs, hot keys

Interface creation

Architecture and objects of visualization interfaces

Control of equipment

Commands and feedback, iRidium internal variables

Interface launch

If you are an integrator you can easily launch ready interfaces on control panels - smart phones, tablets or PCs. You are required to install the i3 pro application on them and authorize as an installer. The application is synchronized with the PC and launches the selected visualization interface.

The i3 pro applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

iRidium Transfer settings

Transfer is available only for registered integrators for project setting up and debugging. Use the iRidium Cloud service to send visualization to the end-user:

iRidium Cloud

The iRidium Cloud service provides possibility to update visualization projects via the Internet. It is required for transferring interfaces and licenses to end-users of automation systems. iRidium Cloud can be used when working with i3 pro on any operating system

JavaScript API

JavaScript in iRidium - it is a JavaScript-based programming language with the set of additional functions and methods. It helps to set up complex scenes and enables adding of new equipment in the system.


Documentation on iRidium Script for developers


handbook of iRidium Script objects, methods and events


Driver development in iRidium (DDK) and other examples


The iRidium setup package and client application are free. The license is required to provide control of equipment.