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Launch of iRidium Server configuration

it is an instruction manual on uploading ready projects on iRidium Server

If you are an integrator, you have ability to upload Server Project (*.sirpz) to iRidium Server with iRidium Transfer app using local network.

With the help of Transfer you send your server project from iRidium Studio to iRidium Server with the help of the "Send to Transfer" button. It is a debugging function. Use the iRidium Cloud service on the iRidium mobile web site to upload projects on the end-user's server (see the instruction).

Transfer searches for all running servers in the IP subnetwork and displays them. To start the upload it is required to authorize in the web-interface using the integrator's login and password from the iRidium mobile web site.

Debugging Mode

If you are an integrator, you can download a new configuration on the server fast. In order to do that, authorize in the server web-interface and download projects from iRidium Transfer.

you can install a commercial license on iRidium Server only with the help of the iRidium Cloud service. For testing of server work integrators can use project upload via Transfer app in Test Mode.


Test Mode has to be activated in the server web-interface: see the right upper corner, the option Test Mode: ON/OFF. Test Mode can be activated only on one server instance authorized with the help of the same Integrator's account.

Test Mode works without time limit but limits continuous work of the server by 7 days when uploading projects from Transfer. After 7 days of server continuous work the database will be cleared and the project has to be re-uploaded on the server.

Add Your Server in Transfer

Transfer Search Tool.png
  1. Start the iRidium Server application on your PC (or the hardware server version). Start iRidium Transfer on the PC
  2. Click the button Panel Search in Transfer - the network scanning bar will appear. Then you will see a new line containing the server name

As a result, you will see the list of servers working in your local network.

If Search did not give any results, read the instructions "Transfer Troubleshooting"

Add your project in Transfer

  • .sirpz projects can be added in Transfer:
  • by dragging (1)
  • via the menu of the «Add Project» button (2)
  • from iRidium Studio, with the "Send To Trasnsfer" button

Transfer Serverinput.png

Synchronize Transfer and Your Server

Variant 1 Click Reload in Transfer

  • the server is launched
  • the server indicator in Transfer is green

If the indicator does not turn green, see the instructions on iRidium Transfer Troubleshooting

Variant 2 Click Send To Panel in iRidium Studio

  • the server must be added in Transfer and launched
  • select the server you want to send the (*.irpz) project from the editor

Transfer send to.png

If the project does not update, see the instructions on iRidium Transfer Troubleshooting

Finalizing the Project

Project and license upload to iRidium Server have to be done with the help of the iRidium Cloud service on the iRidium mobile web site. See the instruction.

For project debugging on the user equipment, activate Trial Mode for the automation object in iRidium Cloud. The Trial period provides continuous work of the server for 60 days. After that the license has to be renewed to the commercial one.