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iRidium Server for OnBox

Installation and launch of iRidium Server on the Global Cache OnBox hardware platform

the documentation is updated 11.8.2017

Device support discontinued
iRidium Sever for OnBox - it is a software implementation of iRidium Server. It is launched on any Global Cache OnBox controllers.

Device support discontinued

To use iRidium Server you need a license for iRidium 3

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  • ARM9 Freescale i.MX28 454 Mhz
  • RAM 128 Mb
  • 8 Gb microSD card slot / file system
  • Ethernet, 100 Mbps
  • Linux (OpenEmbedded/Yocto ecosystem)
  • 5V, DC

Recommended load:

  • 5 of control panels
  • up to 200 of iRidium Server tags

iRidium Server connects to equipment and sends commands from control panels to it. The control panels connect to the server to control equipment through it, get feedback, download logs and databases.

The database can store information about server work for the time since the server was launched. The control panels can output logs from the database and build graphs of changes in server variables.


You can control iRidium Server via the web-interface.

Installation and setting up

To install iRidium Server on OnBox:

1 Apply power to OnBox via the supplied adapter (connection to PC via USB is not recommended)

2 Connect OnBox and the network router with the Ethernet cable. Do not connect OnBox directly to PC.

When connecting to the router OnBox will get the DHCP address. To learn this address, start iRidium Transfer on the PC connected to the router and click Search.

As a result of the search you will see anew device in Transfer with the name OnBox(Server). Copy the IP-address from the device description:


3 Open the server settings: in order to do that follow the link in the browser

http://<host>:8888/ (в примере:

<host> - the local OnBox address

4 Authorize on the server using the integrator's login and password from the iRidium mobile web site. You cannot use the server without authorization.


Go through all authorization steps to get access to the server settings. Activate the option "Test Mode: ON" in the server settings to use it in the fully functional mode. You can see more information about the use modes in the section Licensing Policy.

With the activated Test Mode you can also test work of cloud projects and upload projects from iRidium Transfer (locally, without iRidium Cloud).

5 Select and set up the static IP-address for the server (instead of DHCP) to avoid change of address at reload of the network router. It is required to indicate new settings in the tab SYSTEM > Network

The DHCP address:


The Static IP address:


To allow the settings press Save and go to the main page of the web interface. Press the "Reboot System" button. The OnBox web-interface will be available by the indicated address.

To clear the settings for the default ones in case of an error, hold the button on the side panel of OnBox for 10 seconds. It is easier to hold the button with a hard object. Do not press too hard as it can lead to card damage. If the settings did not clear, take out the SD card and put it back again (while the server is running).

MAC address of each OnBox device must be unique! You can find it on OnBox body.

Project Development and Launch

When the server is installed, you can start developing its configuration and logic:

You have to upload the ready project to iRidium Server: