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iRidium KNX Server (LogicMachine)

Installation and launch of iRidium Server on the LogicMachine 2, 3, 4, Re:actor, Lite, Wall (openrb.com)

* on your LogicMachine you can install iRidium Server up to v1.1.1.11210

the documentation is updated 27.2.2017

iRidium KNX Sever (LogicMachine) ARCHIVED VERSION * - it is a software implementation of iRidium Server. It is launched as a service on any Logic Machine controllers: 2, 3, 4, Re:actor, Lite, Wall.

* on your LogicMachine you can install iRidium Server up to v1.1.1.11210. Newest version of iRidium Server doesn't support LogicMachine.

To use iRidium Server you need a license for iRidium 3

Download iRidium Server for LogicMachine v1.1.1.11210

IRidiumServerLMPicture en.png


Recommended load:

  • 10 of control panels
  • up to 500 of iRidium Server tags

iRidium Server connects to equipment and sends commands from control panels to it. The control panels connect to the server to control equipment through it, get feedback, download logs and databases.

The database can store information about server work for the time since the server was launched. The control panels can output logs from the database and build graphs of changes in server variables.


You can control iRidium Server via the command string (PuTTY) and from the web-interface.

Installation and setting up

To install iRidium Server on Logic Machine:

1 Download the (*.ipk) setup file

2 Go to the LogicMachine web-interface, the menu System Configuration > System > Packages


3 Click the Actions button: + to add Package. Select the downloaded (*.ipk) file and click ОК. The server will be launched automatically.


4 Go the the server settings with the help of the web-interface:

  • Follow the link http://<host>:8888/

4.1 Authorize on the server using the integrator's login and password from the iRidium mobile web site. You cannot use the server without authorization.
Go through all authorization steps to get access to the server settings. Activate the option "Test Mode: ON" in the server settings to use it in the fully functional mode. You can see more information about the use modes in the section Licensing Policy.
With the activated Test Mode you can also test work of cloud projects and upload projects from iRidium Transfer (locally, without iRidium Cloud).

If you cannot log in, reload the device.

The directories for storing server resources:

  • bin folder - /iridiumserver/
  • doc folder - /lib/genohm-scada/mnt/iRidium Server/

to launch the server via the command string (PuttY) use the commands:

  • ./iridium - to launch the server. When closing the console, the server closes too.

Project Development and Launch

When the server is installed, you can start developing its configuration and logic:

You have to upload the ready project to iRidium Server: