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iRidium Server is a software solution that could be installed on PC or some hardware platforms. The server stores automation scenes, keeps records of system events and energy consumption, builds graphs, transfers data between different home systems and sends notifications.

Attention. The server does not work on virtual machines

Use iRidium Server on any PC

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 (x86, x64)
  • Linux (x86, x64)

Use iRidium Server on hardware platforms

  • UMC Technology
  • Raspberry Pi

To control equipment via iRidium Server:

  • Install and launch iRidium Server and development tools
  • Create configuration for the server
  • Authorize on the server and upload the configuration on it
  • Create visualization of server control for the i3 pro application

Server Launch

iRidium Server was created as a software solution. It can operate on Windows devices or on the basis of recommended hardware platforms.

Many hardware controllers support physical interfaces RS232, RS485, KNX, etc. You can see the list of controller interfaces supported by iRidium Server in the description of a particular hardware platform.

Software implementation of iRidium Server


support of TCP, UDP, HTTP(s), RS232, interfaces


support of TCP, UDP, HTTP(s) interfaces

Hardware implementation of iRidium Server

OnBox (Поддержка устройства прекращена)

support of TCP, UDP, HTTP(s) interfaces

UMC Technology

support of TCP, UDP, HTTP(s), RS232, KNX interfaces

Raspberry Pi

support of TCP, UDP, HTTP(s) interfaces

When the server is installed, launched and connected to iRidium Transfer, you can create configuration for it:

Server Setting up

Set up connection to automation equipment, logic and scenes of server work:

Project creation

Setting up drivers and scripts in server projects

Project launch

Upload of projects on the server and server licensing

Creation of a server project for managing subservers

Instructions for creating a server project that manages subservers

iRidium Studio tools for server projects

When the configuration is ready, create visualization of equipment control:


Projects for control panels

How to create GUIs on the basis of server projects

The server web-interface

How to see the server state via the browser

JavaScript API

iRidium Script is a JavaScript-based programming language built in iRidium. It controls interfaces and equipment, helps to set up complex scenes, enables adding of new equipment in the system.


Documentation on iRidium Script for developers


handbook of iRidium Script objects, methods and events


Driver development in iRidium (DDK) and other examples