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iRidium Cloud

the cloud service for storing visualization projects, server projects and licenses

The iRidium Cloud service enables update of iRidium visualization and server projects via the Internet. It is also required to activate licenses on control panels and automation system servers.

iRidium Transfer allows you to upload configuration in i3 pro and iRidium Server directly from PCs. At that the license will be uploaded from iRidium Cloud when you authorize in the app or on the server.

iRidium Cloud enables upload of configuration in i3 pro on iRidium Server via the Internet. It is required to create a cloud object and invite the end-user by e-mail - give him access to the object.

How to Create an Object in iRidium Cloud

Authorize on the iRIdium mobile web site and go to iRidium Cloud.

1 Create a folder in iRidium Cloud and add the object with the iRidium pro type in it

2 Go to the "Projects" tab and download the visualization project (*.irpz) and server project (*.sirpz) - if you use iRidium Server in the object.

3 Go to the Licenses tab and select one of the following variants:

  1. Activate the Trial mode - 60 days of continuous work. It is available for integrators with the "Silver" dealer status. It enables them to invite end-users to test projects
  2. Buy a commercial license. It does not have time limitations for work.

4 Go to the Users & Panels tab. Add the e-mail addresses of the users who will have access to visualization projects. After accepting invitations by e-mail the end-users will be able to download only the projects opened for them.

More information about licenses see in Licensing Policy