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Register on the iRidium mobile web site. In order to do that follow the link Registration and in the opened window click on "I want to register". Fill in the required fields and click on "Create account". After that you will receive an e-mail with a request to confirm the registration.

You have to register only if you are developing interfaces and server projects. The end user have to be invited by integrator via email and don't need to register.

To communicate with other users, to submit ideas or to discuss issues associated with our product register on the forum. Follow the link, click on "Sign In/Sign up" and fill in the required fields.

To start using iRidium, download and install the iRidium software package. It is distributed for free and includes:

  • iRidium Studio - for creation of graphic interfaces (GUI)
  • i3 pro - for launching ready projects on Windows based devices
  • iRidium Transfer - for uploading interfaces on control panels
  • iRidium Server - for storing the database and logic, centralized connection to control panels

For a control panel to work with equipment a license is required. After the registration on the web site you have Test mode that works 5 minutes, then you have to reboot the app. To work more please use iRidium Cloud storage with Trial mode (60 days) and unlimited commercial licenses

See more information about Licensing here

On the web site you can register for trainings and see video records of webinars. There you can learn principles of iRidium work. The video records are also available on Youtube

You can create and set up graphic interfaces in iRidium Studio. It allows you to create the graphic part of projects and set up communication with equipment. See more information about the editor here.

To test a visualization project it has to be uploaded on a control panel. To upload the visualization use Transfer. To give an access to visualisation to End user please use the Cloud Service at iRidium Mobile web-site (see instruction)

Complicated scenes, mathematical transformations and logic functions are set with the help of JavaScript in iRidium Studio. Read more about work with scripts, iRidium API methods and commands here

You can find solutions of many problems in Knowledge database and in Forum. If you couldn't find the answer, contact us via forum or e-mail.

The server is required for constant connection with equipment, storing data coming from the equipment in the database and executing scenes 24/7. The server is required in the majority of automation projects as a lot of system functions have to work unaffected by the fact that visialization on smart phones or tablets is launched or not.

The server for Windows is included in the iRidium setup package. After installing and launching the server set it up in iRidium Studio. The server is not obligatory for use but it provides additional capabilities for equipment control.


  • iRidium Project – a project file created in iRidium Studio. It stores a graphic interface which can be uploaded on i3 pro in iOS, Android, Windows, Mac. iRidium panel projects have *.IRPZ or *.pirpz (protected file) formats.
  • iRidium Server Project – a project file created in iRidium Studio. It stores a program which can be uploaded on iRidium Server. iRidium server projects have *.sirpz format.
  • Control panel / Panel – a iOS, Android, Windows, Mac based device with installed i3 pro where it is required to launch iRidium Project.
  • iRidium Server – a hardware (and software) solution which is provided additionally to iridium visualization. Server stores automation scenes, records consumption of energy resources and events in the system, builds consumption graphs, sends data to home systems and sends notifications. Control panels are synchronized with the server to receive data about states of all systems, exchange information with other control panels and control equipment.

  • Graphic interface – the complex of items of iRidium project graphic part (pages, popups, graphic items).
  • Page, popup - interface objects which define the project size and structure. They are meant for placing graphic items.
  • Graphic item – an object on a project page or popup (button, level, animated item, etc.)

  • License – an *.irl format file which enables connection between a panel and controlled equipment. The license is uploaded onto the panel together with the iRidium project.
  • Activation key – a set of 160 symbols which serves as an iRidium license activation code. It contains information about the acquired license and enables you to generate a license file.
  • Key activation – the process of license file generation on the iRidium mobile web site.
  • Panel identifier (HWID) – a unique identifier of iOS, Android, Windows, Mac devices which is required for activation of Device licenses.
  • Serial Number – a unique identifier of AMX, Crestron, KNX, KNX IP BAOS, HDL, Global Cache, Helvar controllers which is required for activation of Site licenses.

  • Emulator – a tool for testing the project work before launching it on the control panel.

It opens the project via iRidium Studio without iRidium Transfer. The license file for the PC has to be added in Studio.

  • Driver / Native driver / Built-in driver – an iRidium subprogram enabling control of automation equipment - send commands and receive feedback. There is also a possibility to create custom drivers on the basis of AV & Custom Systems with the help of JavaScript.
  • JS module / Script driver - an iRidium subprogram written in JavaScript
  • iRidium Script API – the list of JavaScript methods, events and properties you can use in iRidium besides standard JavaScript functions.
  • Equipment – an automation controller, converter, media server, AV device which has to be controlled
  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
  • Not less than 2 Gb RAM
  • Not less than 1 Gb of free space on HDD
  • 3D-video adapter with memory not less than 512 Mb

start iRidium components under Administrator account or using Administrator rights

The correct work of iRidium components is not guaranteed when working on OS Windows emulators (for example, WineHQ, Parallels Desktop)

If video card drivers do not support DirectX 10 there might be errors when displaying graphics. Update your video card drivers

To install iRidium Server we recommend:

  • Not less than 1 Gb RAM
  • Not less than 2 Gb of free space (if you plan to use the DataBase)
  • Up to 1.2GHz CPU recommended
  • Apple iOS 8 and later - iPad, iPhone
  • Windows 7/8/10 - PCs, mono-blocks, tablet computers. Embedded versions and OS Emulators are not supported!
  • Android 4.4 and later - smartphones and tablet computers. It is required to have a possibility to write data in the device internal memory (at least 50Mb) an at least one network interface (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 2g/3g/4g)