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Emulator in iRidium Studio

program for fast testing of changes in the project. It works as a client application on control panels

Emulator - an application launched in iRidium Studio to test the project work.

An Emulator works only when you authorized with login and password from iRidium Mobile web site

Emulator work modes see in iRidium Studio > Tools > Options > Emulator:

  • Client Fullscreen - start the Emulator in Full Screen mode (press Alt+F4 to Exit)
  • Client Sound On - switch sound in app
  • Show log at Emuator Start - open the log window automatically at Emulator start (you can also use F4)

Path to the license.png

Hot keys:

  • F4 - open the debug log
  • F5 - launch Emulator
  • F7 - open the app Menu to manage account and download projects from iRidium Cloud
  • F8 - open the settings (password: 2007)