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Security of your projects

This post answers numerous questions on providing security to your projects situated in Cloud storage on iRidium mobile web-site

Where Information is Stored

Your projects are stored on Amazon S3 hosting (Amazon Web Services). Amazon S3 storage is also used world wide by such services as Dropbox and Twitter. Amazon servers are located all over the world. Access to the storage is only via control system of iRidium mobile web site with the temporary protected links.

How Security is Provided

Password Security

We store only the so-called password hash, that enables you to authorize, but does not send a password to the web-site. That is why we cannot restore your old password (the system does not know it), we can only delete the hash to make you able to select the new password. The web-site is protected from exhaustive search by a complex of technical and organizational measures, that provide protection from hacker attacks, attempts tо break the database and steal data.

Security of Account Data

Details of accounts are stores in iRidium mobile web-site. You can make some information of you account public to speak about your firm in “Find a Certified Specialist” Section.

Security of Operation History

When iRidium app addresses the web-site to get access to a project or a license, information about it is stored in web-site logs. This information is used only when looking for mistakes in interaction between the app and the web-site.

Security of Data Streams

When working with the web-site SSL protocol and access tokens are used, their lifetime is limited. Data exchange is possible only with the help of links, generated by iRidium mobile web-site.

Data Security

Projects uploaded by you are stored on Amazon S3 (Amazon Web Services). Amazon S3 storage is also used world wide by such services as Dropbox and Twitter, it has numerous means to protect data from unauthorized access. Amazon S3 stores projects without links to users, who own the projects.

Amazon S3 knows only IDs of users and projects. Only iRidium mobile web-site links them to your account.

Before uploading to S3, project contents can be encoded with the help of a built-in tool of iRidium Studio.

Script files of a project can be protected by additional passwords.

You can also add a password request to the project when it is already loaded and running on the control panel. Settings of connection to equipment don’t have to be in the project initially. They can be set manually when a project is uploaded to the app. In this case the settings are not stored on any external storage and are not accessible.

How Data Availability is Provided

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have large-scale infrastructure, that provides high speed of data work and reliable connection.AWS have a developed complex of mechanisms to protect your data.

iRidium mobile web-site provides data security with the help of 1С:Bitrix module “Proactive protection”. It’s a complex of technical and organization means that provide protection from hacker attacks, attempts to break the database and steal data that is stored on the web-site.

The iRidium mobile web-site hosted on the TimeWeb, which provides site availability of 99.99% according to September 2016